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TPAS Scotland Accreditation

We have launched a product called TPAS Accreditation. It is a robust and structured process for assessing how well organisations involve tenants and residents in their service.

TPAS Accreditation is aimed at landlords and contractors, the requirements for landlords and contractors are naturally different.

Organisations are asked to complete a self assessment framework explaining how they involve tenants and residents.They will have to demonstrate how they pass certain 'compentencies'in resident involvement. There are 11 compentencies that landlords have to pass and 10 for contractors.

We will then hold 'focus group'interviews with tenants, staff anf other key stakeholders. The aim of these sessions is to 'test' whether residents involvement measures are running as intended.

A feedback report will be completed explaining whether organisations have passed or failed the required competencies. If the organisation fails certain elements we will outline what measures should be put in place to meet the required standard and revist you in 3 to 6 months.

Organisations that successfully complete our criteria will qualify for our prestigious Accreditation mark for 3 years.

Latest News: TPAS Scotland and TIS are hosting free information sessions on the new Scottish Social Housing… 13/04/17