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Why Start a Group?

Tenants and residents may decide to start a group for many reasons. Often they decide to set up a group as a way of letting the landlord know their views. A group may want to campaign on a particular issue, or it may want to comment more generally on a variety of issues.

Tenants and residents groups are a good way of exchanging information between tenants and the landlord. This helps to feed their views into the landlords’ decision-making structures and improve the way services are delivered.

Most landlords are keen to encourage tenant and residents to start a group. They may offer support such as an annual grant to cover things like stationery, postage and other out of pocket expenses.

Landlords have a legal duty to consult with tenants before they make any changes to core services. Because of this they will be keen to know the views of tenant and resident groups.

Setting up a group will help keep local people more informed about the management of their houses. It can be hard work but bringing local people together for a common cause can be worthwhile.

Getting Started

Running a tenant and resident group involves the holding effective meetings and keeping everyone involved and informed of your activities.

TPAS has produced a range of information sheets that provides useful information and guidance.  These can be viewed in our website members’ area alternatively phone TPAS for more advice.

Information sheets about starting a group:

  • Information sheet 1 - Tenant Participation
  • Information sheet 2 - Setting up a Tenants' Association
  • Information sheet 3 - Running a Tenants' Association
  • Information sheet 4 - Constitutions for Tenants' Associations
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