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We have a popular and long established product called TPAS Accreditation. It is a robust and structured process for assessing how well organisations involve tenants and residents.

TPAS accreditation is aimed at landlords, contractors and tenants’ organisations.  The requirements for each type of organisation are different, although the way in which we assess submissions is the same.

Organisations are asked to complete a self-assessment framework, demonstrating how they meet certain competencies in resident involvement. TPAS then holds ‘focus group’ discussions with tenants, staff and other key stakeholders. The aim of these sessions is to test whether resident involvement is taking place as intended.

An assessment is completed by TPAS explaining whether organisations have passed or failed the required competencies. We also prepare a formal report, providing analysis, identifying gaps and making recommendations for improvement.

All our landlord accreditations are validated by an independent panel of trained volunteers. Landlord accreditation is awarded as bronze, silver or gold and successful organisations are accredited for 3 years.

TPAS Accreditation for Landlords

TPAS Scotland has developed a tenant participation accreditation scheme for landlords. The process provides a full critical assessment of landlords’ tenant participation practices, recognises best practice, identifies opportunities for improvement and provides recommendations.

Our landlord accreditation assesses ALL aspects of tenant participation, including your strategy, tenant participation structures, tenant scrutiny, resources and more!

TPAS accreditation provides landlords with an accurate and independent assessment of how well they are involving tenants. We provide recommendations for improvement, which landlords can work towards over the subsequent years. Our recommendations are based on findings that we have gathered from staff and tenants, providing you with assurance that your tenant participation strategy is shaped by your customers.

The first step for landlords to become accredited is to submit a self-assessment framework in relation to the TPAS accreditation standards and competencies. In total there are 10 standards and you will be asked to ‘score’ your performance for each. You will also have to provide a submission of documentary evidence in support of your self-assessment.

TPAS will then seek to verify your self-assessment through a process of desktop assessment and focus group discussions with tenants and staff. Participants of focus groups will also be asked to discuss tenant participation based on their experience, which will help to inform TPAS’s assessment of your performance.

We will involve an expert, independent panel to assess your self-assessment. The panel is drawn from a pool of trained assessors, who will look in depth at your submission and decide the final accreditation score. This will be based on a six point scale and will determine whether accreditation is awarded at bronze, silver or gold level.

We will complete a feedback report explaining how we have assessed your organisation according to the required standards and competencies. The report will outline findings and provide thorough recommendations for improvement.

TPAS Accreditation for Other Organisations

TPAS can provide assessment and accreditation ‘badging’ for many types of organisation. Accreditation ensures recognition of your organisation’s achievements and clear guidance for improvement.

Our assessment methods focus on discussions with relevant participants, assessment against specific criteria and reference to recognised good practice – contact us for more information. Tel 0141 552 3633 or email

Accredited organisations are presented with a plaque at the TPAS Annual Conference. You will also be sent the exclusive ‘TPAS Accredited’ badge for use on your website and stationery.

We are able to offer accreditation of the following types of organisation:

  • Companies that carry out tenant satisfaction surveys
  • Supported temporary accommodation projects
  • Registered tenant organisations
  • Tenant federations
  • Scrutiny panels

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