Tenants, your opinions and views really matter.

Tenant Voice Scotland will enable all tenants to share their thoughts, views, ideas and opinions, to have their voice heard. This will help to influence and inform our partner organisations such as tenants groups, landlords, the SHR, Scottish Government and the Tenant Regional Network

Tenants Voice Scotland will give tenants their say on the things that matter most.

TPAS Scotland understand that tenants and organisations have different requirements & different issues. We know that not one size fits all and the importance of being heard.

TPAS are Scotland’s leading tenant engagement experts. We are the professional, friendly, honest, face of tenant & landlord participation.  We have created Tenant Voice to give Tenants an opportunity to share whats important in terms of housing, community and  landlords.

Lyndsey Anderson, Link Housing Association Scrutiny Panel, says this is a great opportunity for tenants across Scotland to come together and collectively speak out about the things that matter to them in their daily life and with their housing.

It’s simple to share your thoughts and views through Tenant Voice Scotland.

This information will be used as tenant consultation to shape legislation, influence policies and consult on proposed changes on housing policy to make it safer, fairer and tenant focused.

The first survey will be sent to you in July. Sorry at the moment membership is only open to tenants who can access our online survey.

Who will receive information?

A summary of all the answers collated in the surveys will be shared with Tenants, on our website, through social media and with our partner organization such as tenants groups, landlords, the Scottish Housing Regulator, Scottish Government and the Tenant Regional Networks.

Thank You! For signing up we are giving everyone who joins a voucher for £10! It must be a voucher which can be bought and used online – we want to keep you and our team safe. You can also donate your £10.00 to a charity of your choice.

So now is the time to join the Voice. The place for Tenants and Residents in Scotland to speak out.

What to do next

To regisiter and claim your £10.00 voucher simply add your details here.

For further information email Elaine Scoular elaine.scoular@tpasscotland.org.uk

Tenant Voice Scotland compiles reports from your response to our surveys, your response is confidential. We will only use your data for surveys, your email will never be shared with anyone else.

If you wish to be removed from the list at any time, email elaine.scoular@tpasscotland.org.uk